Obstacle Courses are great fun but require fitness, endurance, strength, agility, coordination and flexibility. You will get far with enthusiasm, but the key to a great race is training and preparation. Give yourself time to get your body ready for it, especially if all you have been doing is running. You need upper body strength, for climbing and crawling when navigating obstacles. Strength and coordination sessions in the gym will assist in your preparation.

Kitted Out

Two things you might not think of, but are essential to adventure race survival and success.

  1. Laces

– Even if you are not using trail shoes, decent lock or bungee laces will at least mean that you won’t lose a shoe mid-way.

  1.         Gloves

– You’ll crawl through mud and over obstacles, so wear a pair – unless you want to add blood and tears to your sweat, that is.

Hang on Everything

Good grip strength is essential for swinging across monkey bars, climbing ropes and carrying heavy objects. Find a pull-up bar at your local gym and try the different grips to improve your upper body strength.

Foundational strength.

Doing strength exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench-press will build a solid foundation for muscles which will make you more effective no matter what type of obstacle you encounter. Remember to have good form and do your muscle activations prior to doing these exercises which will assist in keeping your coordination and reduce the chances of injuries.

Keep it Fun

Add some fun to your run’s with upper body exercises at specific intervals. Throw in some push-ups or burpee’s to improve upper body strength and stamina. This type of interval training is the fastest way to get ready for the upcoming obstacle race you planning.

By joining Maties gymnasium you will not only have access to a variety of machinery but you will also get a fitness instructor who will do your health and fitness assessment, this will help with assessing your progress before the big day.