Men’s Health 


Today we will be talking about men’s health and what you should do to keep healthy and feel young. Currently, we are overloaded by way too much information from family, friends, social media and the directed marketing ads on the internet on what to do to keep healthy. With that said we have decided to give you a holistic breakdown of what you should be doing to keep going.

Mental health is one of the main pillars that we as men need to focus on to stay on top of our game. Let me start with the most important point and that it is okay to seek help. There is a major stigma attached to speaking about mental health and many men struggle to acknowledge that they are struggling and experiencing mental health issues. Talking to your partner, friends, or coworkers for guidance and comfort can be a great tool to help deal with mental health issues. If you do not feel comfortable talking through it with loved ones, seek help by going to a counselor or psychologist. Additionally, to this, taking regular breaks at work such as 5 min to 10 min break from your tasks every hour gives you a chance to mentally reset and refocus. It is advised that you take annual leave throughout the year to ensure that you remain energized and recharged for anything life throws at you.

Now that we are feeling on top of our game, we should talk about looking on top of our game. A daily exercise routine will that contains a mix of cardio and strength training will not only help you to look good, but the endorphin rush will help you to feel good and keep off those mental blues. The universal advice for exercise is 30 minutes of cardiovascular training that will elevate the heart rate to about 75% of maximum heart rate and will help prevent cardiovascular related diseases. We also recommend mixing in some resistance training at least 3 times a week as this is great for muscle and joint health.

Fueling up is just as important to keeping healthy. You would never fill your car up with dirty fuel so why would you do it with your body?  Ensure you are fueling up with meals that include whole grains, vegetables and low cholesterol meats like chicken and fish is the best way to give your body the energy that it needs. At best try to avoid Fast-Food outlets as the majority of these foods are deep fried and are high in fats.

Finally, to make sure that you are operating like a well old machine, regular checkups are important as screenings can pick up diseases in their early stages, before symptoms develop. What screenings should we do? Well, it does often depend on your family history, personal health history and lifestyle habits but simple things like having your blood pressure and Cholesterol checked at the pharmacy can be a lifesaver as these can pick up if you are suffering from any underlying conditions. Men over the age of 50 are recommended to go and have their prostate checked on a yearly basis. When we start hitting the early 60’s it is advised to have a colonoscopy performed with the yearly or bi-yearly screenings.

To sum up, we should think of ourselves as a racing car, take regular breaks to avoid wear and tear, sometime if you cannot fix something you should ask for help, you need to turn over the engine for 30 minutes a day, we should be fueling up with good clean fuel and not miss out annual service. Keep healthy!