Personal Training tips – Maties Gymnasium

We asked our trainers what do they consider as the top training tips to success. Here is some food for thought ; Jacques Human – “The true answer to exercise excellence is, functional high intensity interval training Francois Retief – “Small consistent efforts is the secret to success” Bernette Beyers – “Be consistent. Consistency is […]

New year , new you !

Have you ever asked yourself why a new years resolution is so difficult to commit to and keep? Why do we all start of the year with all these amazing promises, but yet we find ourselves back at square one as early as March. The biggest mistake we make is to commit to changes we […]

Where to gym in Stellenbosch over the holidays

The season of festivities are upon us, but that does not mean we cant stay in shape and keep up the hard work we have put in this year. If you are looking for a gym in Stellenbosch to train at over the holidays, look no further. Maties gymnasium caters for all. With day sessions, […]

Water Saving, every drop counts

Be aware of how many water you are using.  2 Flushes of toilet water = 18 liters 4 min shower = 40 liters Washing your face in a basin = 3 liters Brushing your teeth = 0.3 liters Hand washing a small load = 9 liters Hand washing a small load dishes = 9 liters […]

New Technogym range Equipment

Maties Gymnasium would like to introduce you to the innovative world of Technogym equipment. We are proud to announce that our refurbishment of our “kraglokaal” has started today. We are bringing our members better, more innovative , top of the range equipment to make your experience at Maties gymnasium as positive and rewarding as possible. […]