New year , new you !

Have you ever asked yourself why a new years resolution is so difficult to commit to and keep? Why do we all start of the year with all these amazing promises, but yet we find ourselves back at square one as early as March.

The biggest mistake we make is to commit to changes we feel we need to make instead of those we want to make. This year Maties gymnasium want to challenge you to make the changes you really want to make.

Here are some of the changes we want to do and some we would like to assist our loyal members with .

  1. Commit to offer our members the most up to date fitness classes and equipment
  2. Offer new group exercise classes to keep your training interesting
  3. Offer exceptional service to every member
  4. Keep our promise to be all-inclusive in every area
  5. Offer the best value for money in Stellenbosch
  6. Help every member to achieve their health and fitness goals

Contact us today for an assessment @ 021 808 9133 and let us help you to set the goals you want to achieve for 2018.