Where to gym in Stellenbosch over the holidays

The season of festivities are upon us, but that does not mean we cant stay in shape and keep up the hard work we have put in this year. If you are looking for a gym in Stellenbosch to train at over the holidays, look no further.

Maties gymnasium caters for all. With day sessions, 1 week, 2 week and up to 12 month memberships, we offer tailor made packages for you to stay fit in Stellenbosch over the holidays.

Nowhere else in Stellenbosch you would find a gym quite like us. With state of the art equipment, personalized assistance, value for your money and an innovative training app, we cant wait to impress you this summer.

Maties gymnasium is really for everyone. This December we urge you to look no further and come visit us, even if it is only for a short stay.