1. INVEST MORE TIME IN YOUR WARM UP! Just as with a car, the body also takes longer to warm up in winter. A cold start can result in injury, since training without an adequate warm-up can lead to shock in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. That is why you should attach much importance to your warm […]

Some tips to get you running in no time

Set a goal If you want to stay committed, then you need something to work for. If you have never run before, then find and enter a 5k race. Your goal may just be to complete it without stopping, or to do it in under half an hour – it doesn’t matter, as long as […]

What is your numbers?

What is your BMI ? What is your weight ? What is your Bodyfat % ? What does all of this mean ? Come to Maties Gymnasium and get your measurements done by one of our qualified fitness instructors.  

Tips for Saving Water at Home

Reduce water consumption Turn-off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or soaping hands. Take shorter showers and use less water if you bath. Avoid buying bottled water Sweep outside areas instead of hosing with water. Use eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products. Fix leaks at home & report public water leaks to the Municipality. Always use […]