Overcoming the obstacle – prepare for the race


Are you finding it difficult to overcoming the obstacle of training for your first obstacle race? Do not be afraid, the truth is obstacle races is for everyone. Most beginners walk through the race and you will not find more fellow competitors in any sport that will encourage you. There is no shame in starting slow.

Should you want to feel a bit more prepared for the hills, obstacles and some muddy swims, here is some training tips that might give you that extra push.

  1. Warm up before every training session – In these workouts you use your whole body, not warming up can cause unneeded injuries.

2. Get in-touch with you inner child – enjoy every moment of your training and preparation and only do it if it is fun to you.

3. Run off-road – ┬áno obstacle race has ever been done in suburbia.

4. Change it up – do not do the same thing everyday. Change your type of workouts regularly.

5. Run boy run – Running will build a good base for your fitness and will make sure you are not too out of breath when it comes to the obstacles.

6. Recovery – Make sure you rest often enough so you can make the most of every workout.

The first step is choosing a race. Then you can start the mental and physical preparation to crossing that finish line with a smile (and some mud) on your face.